Beginners Agility Course 2017


Hi “Future Agility” Stars,
The Club is holding a Spring 2017 Beginners Agility Course beginning in April.

THE BEGINNERS AGILITY COURSE - For dogs over 1 year old.

This is not a dog obedience class - the focus is purely on agility. Your dog will be expected to have a good level of general dog obedience.
An introduction to agility equipment: your dog will have the opportunity to learn how to safely negotiate various agility obstacles, building confidence, drive, reinforcement and a willingness to work. For dogs between 12 and 18 months we will have reduced height obstacles/exercises so any growing bones/joints are not harmed in any way.

Age: From 1 year old
Proposed Start Date: Tuesday 25th April 2017
Time: 6.30pm to 7.30pm
Duration of course: 6 week block
Location: Melrose Training Ground (directions will be given on sign up)
Class size: 6-8 dogs
COURSE COST: £48 (non refundable and to be paid in advance to secure your space)
We are limiting the spaces in this class to 8 maximum, so your dog gets more one-to-one time. If you would like a space reserved on the course please let us know ASAP by emailing us at, messaging us via our Facebook Page or calling Natalie on 07939 300519. We require the following information: Your Name, Dog's Name, Dog's Age, Dog's Breed, Contact Number and Email Address. Remember dogs must be 1 year old or over.


  • Foundation agility skills,
  • Flatwork - building speed and drive
  • Shaping and body awareness exercises
  • An introduction to agility equipemnt
  • Jumping exercises to build confidence

For dogs between 12 and 18 months we will have reduced height obstacles/exercises so any growing bones/joints are not harmed in any way.

Please DO NOT feed your dog their dinner before coming to class - they can be fed afterwards. This makes them more motivated to pay attention to you and what they are doing, and they won't be running about on a full stomach.

Please bring high value treats such as roast chicken/cheese/cocktail sausages cut into very small pieces, it's handy to put these into a treat bag that can be attached to your waist, you can find these quite cheap online or at a pet shop! Also bring a variety of your dogs favourite toys such as tugging toys, balls, squeaky toy. Ideally we will be looking to get them playing with a tuggy toy that only comes out to play at agility time, it makes it a very high value toy!! For those whose dogs are more food oriented there are food clams available online where food is hidden and can be thrown as a toy.

If you decide you want to continue your dogs agility career after this 6 week beginners course, we will continue lessons each week throughout the summer months (until end of September) at a cost of £25 per month set up as a Standing Order. No obligation, you can cancel this at any time.