End of Outdoor Season News


End of Outdoor Season Team News Round-up!

Well, last weekend saw the end of the outdoor agility weekends for 2015 and what a show it turned out to be. The sun shone on us all at Prestwick and the club put on a marvellous show at the new venue (Rozelle Park) in Alloway. Team Tweedbank had a wonderful time and great success was had by all.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to Diane Talbot, Donna Kerse and Natalie Scott for all their help with training our handlers and their dogs throughout this year. Special thanks also to Tracey Casson for helping with the training nights at Hawick during the Spring and Summer!

Was going to try and list all of the Team’s achievements for the year (still 2 indoor shows to go for 2105), but there are too many to mention in one post.

Highlights include:

Large dogs:
Our trainer/grd 7 handler Donna qualifying for Olympia with Ace, as well as representing her country at the World Open Championships in the Netherlands and climbing the grades with her young dog Quinn.

Our “team leader” Natalie and Luna heading out of Grade 3 in style at SKC, then after only two full shows at Grade 4, a lovely win at Prestwick sees them leap into Grade 5 for Excel!

Tania and Talisker (Captain Slow) stunning everyone at Prestwick with 7 rosettes from 8 runs including an agility win to take them into Grade 2 (and a longed-for wine glass for Tania!).

Christine has continued to have a great year with both Skye and Poppy. Skye winning big at The Scottish Agility League Awards at the beginning of the season and doing her mum proud at the Olympia ABC Agility Stakes Semi Final, 24th out of 61 dogs is a fab achievement! Poppy continues to be a flying machine winning lots of rosettes along the way, very close to going up to Grade 5!

Derek and Chip are still just one Agility win away from Grade 7! Chip is still trying to show dad how to master the tunnels, and is a joy to watch!

Bernie and Rigg have had some lovely runs, when Mr Rigg is on form, no-one can match him for speed! He was very impressive at SKC and had a lovely round in the teams competition. We look forward to seeing them win out to Grade 4, we have a feeling it won’t take too long!!

Nikki and Fly have had great fun at the shows with some nice runs, with Fly showing that a Malamute can get round a course in style, with 5 rosettes to her name this season.

Nigel and Nico continuing to improve, with Nico’s jumping especially good! His first show entered was our very own Tweedbank Show in June and we were delighted he came away with a rosette that weekend for a lovely jumping run.

Small Dogs:
The small dogs are showing us all how it’s done this season with Janie and Pixie on form in both agility and jumping. Their house is full to the brim with rosettes and trophies – too many to mention. Janie has taken Pixie from Grade 1 to Grade 4 this season, with Pixie showing some real attitude in the ring!

Tracey and Ruby are firing on all cylinders considering little Ruby has had injuries keeping her out of most of the agility runs for half the season. Her jumping has been superb and again, Ruby has gone from Grade 1 to Grade 3 this season, at the last count she’s had 17 x 1st places.

These two ladies and their dogs are having a friendly rivalry to see who comes out top in the Scottish Agility League!

Beginners/Pre Comp Dogs:
Our beginners and pre competition dogs (not all listed on the website as yet) are all showing great promise, with some having a taste of competition at our own Tweedbank Show and the Dryburgh Fun Show. I think the handlers found it harder than the dogs! Looking forward to seeing them compete next year!

We promise to update the news on a more regular basis next season on both the website and Facebook page.

Sad the season is coming to an end with only two indoor shows left this year, but looking forward to next Spring!!